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Testimonials for Michelle Gray, Intuitive Readings

Psychic Intuitive and Medium

She is very accurate and truthful. Sometimes even if the truth hurts to hear it. You will have lots to think about after your reading. Don't hesitate to give her a try - you will be happy that you did!

Christine M.  June 23, 2017

Michelle is Amazing and was 100% on point with her intuition! I was going through a very frustrating time in my relationship and her 'tell it like it is' feedback/insight really turned it around. Now we are happily married!!! She didn't hold back any punches when it came to making sure I understood all of the the intricacys of the situation. She really wants to help and it shows! One thing I love about her is her caring yet tough love nature. Another thing about her that I love is that she followed up with me to make sure how I was doing. I would highly recommend Michelle! She even came to our Wedding! Love You Michelle and I am eternally grateful!

Karina N.     June 15, 2017

I have had many intuitive readings from Michelle and they have been very accurate, right on! Some of these readings, I have asked questions and gotten answers and other times, Michelle just starting telling me things that I needed to know. I will be back for more readings from Michelle and she is the only intuitive I go to now.
Renee O.     June 12, 2017

I have had multiple readings with Michelle and will continue in the future. She is very down to earth, truthful and caring. She has been very accurate on many aspects of my life. Michelle's readings have helped me overcome multiple hurdles in my life and I truly appreciate her gift.


Julie R.     June 9, 2017

Michelle is very accurate in her readings and very open to answering specific questions that her clients have. She is very conscientious about clients getting an honest and caring reading and her guidance has been very helpful to me when it comes to my making tough decisions.

Michele S.     June 8, 2017

Michelle is a phenomenal Intuitive. I first met Michelle three years ago. She accurately read for me then and continues to read for me today. I have a weekly reading with her because she provides great insights on things that I just keep missing. Two years ago, she saw that I would fall in love with someone in Europe and would be moving to Belgium. I laughed and told her she was crazy. Well, who is actually crazy? I did fall in love with my soul mate and yes, I now live in Belgium. Everything she said was true, except his eye color, she was mistaken on one small thing, okay, I can give her that, LOL!. After moving here, I set up a weekly call with her. Being in a foreign country where English is not one of the official languages, life has been very difficult. Michelle has helped me grow while being here.She's amazing. She has a no-nonsense way of reading and for me, that is perfect. I don't want only sunshine and flowers, I want a frank conversation. I trust frankness and with Michelle, that is exactly what you will get. It is so obvious that she works from Spirit and not Ego.I will continue making sure I am on her schedule every week! Anyone reading this, please give her a try, you won't be sorry. If you want only to hear about Sunshine and Flowers, maybe give someone else a try. If you want to receive true and relevant messages, you have to try Michelle.Many blessings and thank you for reading my humble opinion.

Janet A.     June 8, 2017

Wow!!! Michelle is great!!! So spot on in her reading!!!! I definatly will call her again! She picks up exactly on the people I ask about and the situation I enquired about! TY Michelle!!!

Sheri J.     June 8, 2017

She is amazing!! I learned a lot from my readings.

Carrie M.     June 8, 2017

When I talked with Michelle, she was very straightforward. She gave me answers that help me through some difficult times. She is very professional. If anyone would like to use her I would highly recommend it. I will be contacting her again for other information.

Sharon K.       June 7, 2017

At a time when I was needing guidance Michelle was very helpful and spot on with information about my situation, clearly she connects with a higher power! Well done and Thank you!Tony GChicago

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Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied

Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied

Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Michelle has time and time again provided me with great insight. She has a great gift of reading people. I always call Michelle first whenever I need guidance and insight on my personal life. She is wonderful!!

Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely 

- Kevin

Alternative Healing

Michelle was very thorough and accurate. I didn't have to say much as she know what was going on in my relationship and helped me understand what my future holds. It was amazing all of the information she gave me. I found myself wondering how does she know all of this. I'm excited to see what my future holds based on what Michelle has told me. It's all up to me but I really value her advise and will reach for a happier life.

- Sandra H.

Off-Site Review

Michelle is truly amazing. When I was thinking of going abroad for vacation, she told me that I would be meeting my soul mate, coming back here and then getting married to them and moving to Belgium. That was in April. As of today, I am now married to my Belgian man and getting everything ready to move in 10 days. She doesn't tell you just what you want to hear, but she listens to the Universe and gives you what you need. Sometimes, it feels like a kick in the pants, but we all need that sometimes, don't we? She truly cares about the people she works with. I've also had the pleasure of receiving a Theta Healing session from her, and I felt like a new person afterwards. However, I believe more sessions are needed, but due to my schedule I haven't been able to. She is truly a wonderful and a gifted psychic and healer. She loves to continually open her heart and mind to learn new techniques so she can be a better healer to all she comes in contact with.

I have gone to quite a few psychics in my time; however, she is the only one that has specifically given me answers to my questions. She is not one to give you an answer that could be taken many different ways and applied to many situations, she is specific!!

As for my marriage and new life--I wasn't even looking for it. I only asked what she thought about the upcoming trip I was going to take. Her telling me about Richard, blew me away. God knows our prayers and answers them--when we are not listening to God (for whatever reason), he sends help through wonderful people like Michelle. Janet from Aurora, IL

- Janet A.

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